Why Switch to LED ?


Longevity – LED Bulbs And Diodes Feature Phenomenal Operational Life Time Expectations

LED bulbs and diodes feature incredibly long life spans, around 50000 hours. This equates  to around 20 years if your lights are on 8 hours a day, 7 days a week compared to the 800 hours a traditional halogen bulb may give you in the same period LED lighting also, unlike standard lighting, do not not tend to burn out and malfunction.

Switch, and you may never have to replace your bulbs again.


Energy Efficiency = Vast Savings On Your Energy bills

LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than other traditional forms of lighting and use up to 90% less electricity than a standard halogen bulb. LED light bulbs operate at around 95% efficiency, with only 5% of its energy lost to heat. This also makes them far safer to install, with a much-reduced risk of fire. In stark contrast, a fluorescent bulb will convert 95% of its energy as heat, only emitting 5% of its energy as light.

Fantastic conservation of light, coupled with an LED light’s incredible Longevity leads to even greater energy efficiency and more savings on maintenance and replacement costs. This is especially useful for large scale construction and business projects as well as start up businesses looking to efficiently manage resources.

With electricity costs on the up,Get the most out of your bulb. Switch, and make substantial savings on those bills.


Eco Friendly- Pave The Way To A Greener Planet

LED bulbs are exceedingly energy efficient and safer for the environment. LED bulbs expend less power per unit of light emitted, reducing greenhouse emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions of LED are also reduced.

LED lights are 100% recyclable, leaving a small carbon footprint. Unlike CFL bulbs, LED bulbs also contain no harmful Mercury. In comparison to CFLs and incandescent lamps, less LED lamps need to be produced, packaged, transported, used and ultimately disposed.

As the battle for our planet persists, lend a hand, switch.



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